Who am I?

If I had to describe myself in a few words, it would sound something like this: I’ll figure it out when I get there.

I tripped and fell into writing as a teenager, participating in years and years of NaNoWriMo events that I often won and sometimes, bitterly lost. From there, I learned another word for what I was; I was one of the writers who’d just start going without much of a plot or formula, by the seat of my pants. In the NaNo forums, we were ‘pantsers’. In a sense, that’s been me the whole time, before and ever since.

My love affair with the art world started in middle school, when I got my first sketchbook and spent an absurd amount of time drawing, of all things, Invader Zim fanart. Fast forward to high school and I’m building found-object sculptures à la Mark Dion or similar artists. I actually considered myself terrible at drawing until sometime mid-undergrad, but I loved putting together little 3-dimensional worlds. I had a stint in architecture and engineering, spent some time working with metal and wood, and then started undergrad one last time as a painting/psychology student. I graduated in 2016 with that double major, then spent a semester in an MFA program in 2017 before I realized I was ready to leave academia behind.

It’s an unofficial goal of mine to try and medium I can. My current favorites are digital illustration, oil pastel, and block printing. I’m trying my hand at my first webcomic, Shorthand Magic, and simultaneously trying to write a novel or two. Should I come out the other side with my creativity in-tact, it’s my hope to establish the kind of worlds that can inspire people to create their own, like I was inspired to do many years ago.

If there’s one thing that can be said about me, I’m not very concise.