Terms of Service

Just to keep things straightforward on my commission work, here’s the TOS! Please ask if there’s anything that’s unclear.

Before taking the commission:

  • I will not draw anything that involves a minor in a romantic relationship with an adult, any minor in a NSFW situation, or anything suggesting bestiality. I will not draw gore involving children, but will do gore with adults.
  • I do not offer discounts for bulk work. I am already discounting additional characters. If you are a repeat customer and I want to give you a discount, I will offer, please do not ask. I will offer discounts if they are available. Otherwise assume that the price is as listed.
  • You can send me NSFW refs if you need to. No, you don’t need to ask. Just please don’t send me full-on pornography.
  • That said, I will block you if you send me a NSFW reference of an underage character. Just don’t do it.
  • Please treat me with respect and patience. I am a human person. If you are cruel to me, I reserve the right to refuse your business.
  • Make sure you have an alternative contact method in the event that the primary contact does not work for any reason. I will try to ask you for this information when we talk.

While working on the commission:

  • I am happy to redo sections of a drawing within reason, please try to tell me about major changes in the sketch phase if possible. I will generally keep working on corrections until you are fully satisfied, however I reserve the right to say no more if I feel like you are using corrections as a means to get multiple versions of a commission from me.
  • Corrections will be sent as small preview files. Once you accept a full resolution image from me, I will not complete any additional corrections on the commission. So make sure you’re satisfied before you ask me to send the final file!
    (This is again to protect against the above instance.)
  • At any point in the commission process, you can increase the amount of color/detail, or add characters, or add a background, and pay the difference that the addition costs. No, I won’t be angry, don’t worry.

After the commission is done:

  • I will generally post to social media, but you can tell me not to and I will respect your wishes and never post it.
  • I maintain my copyright of the image, though you retain copyright of your characters (or any third party characters to their respective owners, etc). If you want to purchase full rights to the image (IE rights to sell it, etc), please bring this up with me, I’m willing to have a chat.
  • Please don’t claim that you drew the image or post it without credit.
  • You cannot sell the image as prints/shirts/whatever product unless you have discussed with me and purchased the rights to do so.
  • It’s fine to post it on social media, so long as you link my social media account with your post! If I’m not on the site you want to post it on, please ask before posting it and I can let you know how to credit me best! You can also just link to this site.
    (Twitter, instagram, furaffinity, and tumblr are all @shroompunk.)
  • Under no circumstances is my work to be posted on e621. If you don’t know the story behind this, just know that I put my own artwork on the do not post list on that website.
  • Under no condition is any commissioner permitted to mint/sell my artwork for NFT. Anyone found breaking this rule will be instantly and permanently banned from any future commissions.

Refund/Cancellation policy:

  • No refunds will be made once a piece is finished. If you chose to wait until the very end and try to walk it back and get your money back, that was your decision.
  • After the sketch stage, if you aren’t satisfied with what I’m producing, you can get a refund minus a 10% fee to cover my sketching time and PayPal fees.
  • If I have not begun your piece yet, you can request a full refund. In the event that your refund request is due to an error on my end, I will refund the full amount. If you simply changed your mind and don’t want it anymore, I can do a full refund minus the PayPal fees, which it appears PayPal likes to pocket in cases of returns.

I reserve the right to update my terms of service as necessary, should anything come up that requires further clarification.