Secret References Page

Oh my god I just remembered I can make my website say whatever I want it to say and have whatever I want on it and nobody can control me, i was going to make a google doc for this, screw it, secret website page. u can draw any of these u desire, i even included one that’s got a less horrifically complicated design for your pleasure.

i apologize, this is morrison. if for whatever reason you want to draw all that technology he’s right here for your enjoyment. he’s an edgy manic bastard that’s great to depict edgy things with, he’s also a pianist and that’s a lot of fun to draw too. if you’re wondering what you’re looking at, he’s a hoatzin without a face. he has 3 eyes, they can be any tone from red to pink to purple to almost indigo, and they glow. you can see where he has prosthetics in the unclothed reference, I generally don’t draw him with that dark-colored cover anymore but you can draw it if it’s easier. otherwise, the cover he’s wearing in the ref is covering a glowing artificial heart which you can see in some of the psychedelic pieces since they’re more recent, since i made this design change. he tends toward either over the top flamboyant clothes, or else is just wandering around in pajamas being lazy, and you can draw him in mens clothing but he also likes to be femme at times bc he’s genderfluid. his feather “hair” is generally black-tipped, but he can wear it short and it wouldn’t have the tips if the feathers were cut, he’d just be a regular ginger.

the drone that he’s napping with is Vesper, that’s his daughter, you can draw her if you want. she has 3 fan blade style rotors that keep her aloft, and her arms can pull into her body and hide. she’s sassy and they go just about everywhere together bc she’s the brains of this operation and keeps him from doing anything extraordinarily dumb.

ok this bitch is Lee, he’s the closest thing i’ve got to a fursona. ironic that he’s not even first but we all know i’ve got attachment issues with my cyborg boy. Lee has a somewhat variable design in that his eye changes around however I’m feeling, sometimes he’s got a regular iris and pupil, sometimes it’s swirly psychedelic stuff, you name it. he’s pretty simple, no eyes on his head, just the eye in his mouth, he can have extra limbs if you’re feeling funky about it but he doesn’t have to. 2+ arms, generally only 2 legs.

his more recent art has featured a more teal/greenish hue to the feathers that is more accurate to the direction i’m taking him and what will be on the fursuit head i’m making. he can have shorter or longer “hair” on his head but the feathers MUST be fluffy.

here’s Ivan (and also his bf because im gay). Ivan’s here as a simple ‘out’ for people who don’t wanna figure out my weird designs, he is just simply a fat bearded vulture. sometimes he has red dye in the feathers on his head but he generally tends to stay pretty stark white, personal reasons. he has a band of black feathering across his back and has longer feathers on his arms than other parts of his body. his beak is pretty full of notches and damage.

he’s a trans guy and pretty strictly into masculine clothing. he smokes a lot, and eats a lot, and he’s an inventor and genius when he manages to stay focused.

this horny boy is Avery. he’s an android ram, his horns are solid gold so u know he’s loaded. horns curl more than a single loop, and keep going. his eyes can change color and show expressive ’emoji’ style eyes, those are fully functional screens. he doesn’t actually have hair, but wears wigs, and these tend to be either orange or teal. often mohawks but he has longer-haired wigs as well that he ties back and wears ponytails.

sometimes he has more of a cowboy style of dress, sometimes more casual and modern. you can decide which one you’re feeling, he’s a lot of fun with neon colors.