Secret References Page

why not just re-update my references page from last year lmao yall can enjoy the same shit different year

here’s morrison, we’ve all gotten tired of morrison by now but no i haven’t hahahahahaaaa. anyway. morrison’s a hoatzin for sake of reference for wings and such, but he clearly has no proper face and instead that metal plate with 3 eyes. at least now i’ve finally drawn him with his mouth open a little to show off his pointy teeth. he’s a pretty big guy, coming in not too far off 7 feet, with a broad-shouldered build but very underweight. his tech is a little wishy-washy even as i draw it, so getting details exact is not a huge stress on things like his arms; you can add details or simplify to your pleasure as long as a few things remain consistent:

>his face always has the same eye/mouth placement, you can draw the vent holes or not.
>his hands always have that circular glowy bit on the back, and gold knuckles and wrist, though sometimes they’re all metal and sometimes his palms are more of a black silicon material
>the port on his chest always matches the color of his eyes, tho this can range from pink to purple as desired. i tend to more often lean in the pinkish/reddish direction these days.

anyway pay mind to his fluffy legs and torso, he’s only got 1 fully metal arm and the other starts at the elbow, his metal leg is just the ankle down. he tends to wear a pretty broad range of fashion in terms of masc/femme, but often wears pretty flamboyant stuff regardless of the gender with it. the drone you see in some pictures if Vesper, his service drone. she’s got 3 fan blade style rotors that keep her aloft, but her arms can be pulled inside her body; she’s not necessary to draw. dragonboy is his boyfriend oreias. he gay.

morrison is a multi-instrumentalist, though primarily a pianist; you could draw him with just about any instrument if you felt like it though as long as it doesn’t require lips to operate. he’s a scavenger by trade and comes from a post-apocalyptic setting. he likes nature, wine, music, and getting into trouble. he is mute, so he would never open his mouth except to eat or smoke or something else that requires it; he communicates via ASL.

here’s lee! his design has actually changed pretty significantly since last year since this is my sona and kinda reflects me in some ways. you’ll note that he now has robotic hands, that goes about to his elbow and then there’s feather fluff. he can have a lot of arms if you’d like, he is a shapeshifter to a degree; often his arms sprout at the elbow but can also sprout at the shoulder. he can have even or odd numbers of arms, to your liking. he will always just have 2 wings, which are a new design update. he is a yellow-billed magpie if you want to see what the actual animal looks like for wing references. he does have a white torso as shown in one image. feather color is a tealish/greenish thing. refer to fursuit for the irl color. his eye can have any number of colors, and they don’t have to be in any specific order, but it’s pretty much always got multiple colored rings going on. he often wears glasses on top of his head to obscure the fact he has no actual eyes except the one in his beak. and he has a very long tail, relative to height.

lee wears more masc clothing, often 1970s stuff is fun. i mean, this is my sona, so if u know i like it, chances are it’s perfect for lee too lmao. he’s a thereminist, an artist, yadda yadda. sounds like me lol.

here’s Ivan (and also his bf because im gay). Ivan’s here as a simple ‘out’ for people who don’t wanna figure out my weird designs, he is just simply a fat bearded vulture. sometimes he has red dye in the feathers on his head but he generally tends to stay pretty stark white, personal reasons. he has a band of black feathering across his back and has longer feathers on his arms than other parts of his body. his beak is pretty full of notches and damage.

he’s a trans guy and pretty strictly into masculine clothing. he smokes a lot, and eats a lot, and he’s an inventor and genius when he manages to stay focused.

in case you want something a little newer and different, here’s sirocco. he’s my newest character and a lot of fun to draw if u like goth shit. he’s a melanistic nicobar pigeon, his feathers have a sort of purple/teal iridescence to them on his wingtips, tail, and head feathers. he almost never has his eyes uncovered, but they are pure white with no pupil or iris, and glow faintly at all times. his arms are only feathered up to the elbow, and his legs aren’t quite feathered all the way to his little backwards bird ankle. body feathers are just pure blueblack, no special coloration there. he wears dark clothing, think purple tones, blues, blacks, though you can have little accents of like neon pinks/purples as well and that’s fun. he’ll go more genderqueer with his fashion at times, he wears skirts on occasion, but he generally doesn’t go very pretty with it, think grunge.

sirocco is a ferryman for lost souls and often carries a lantern with him. yes he literally is using a ouija board to communicate with these lost souls. he admittedly hasn’t got many hobbies because he’s allowed his job to consume his every waking moment, and that’s a problem considering he no longer needs to sleep. this boy needs some therapy.