Commission Examples and Pricing

*Price last updated September 2021*

General Content Rules

I will not draw porn under any circumstances. However, I will draw basically anything else, including but not limited to:

  • Animals, anthropomorphic or otherwise (any species, including fictional species)
  • Humans, fantasy races (orcs, elves, etc), or similar
  • Robots, vehicles, technology
  • Houses, architecture, plants, landscapes, scenery
  • Group pictures, even 10+ characters is fine
  • Pinups, gore/horror, mild suggestive artwork

Please have visuals in mind when preparing to commission me. I do not need visual references but at least will need a description to work off of. I have experience in helping design new characters and will happily work with you on a character design. The more specific you are, the better I will be able to create what you envision.

If you’re interested in something that isn’t offered here, that doesn’t mean I don’t do it–it just means it’s never been asked for, so I haven’t done it yet. I will even do comics on request, contact for pricing.

For more information regarding rights and copyright, please read my terms of service.

Please note that commissions for commercial use will be priced higher–contact me and we can work out exact rates depending on usage.

Sketches / Ko-Fi Commissions

Character bust: $15
Fullbody lineart: $20

All sketches at this level will be 1 color of linework, but colors can be specified for lines and background.
Additional characters cost same as first character. Yes, I can do a whole lineup of characters if that’s your thing.
Payment can be made via Paypal invoice (I will send on request) or Ko-Fi. Please indicate to me who you are if you pay through Ko-Fi.

Icons/Telegram Stickers

$30 per icon/sticker

A square image of a character, can be head or bust shot, can have props or YCHs (see above). Matched couple icons are available!
Price may increase $5 for heavy detail.

Formatting available with decorated background for icon use, or transparent background for telegram stickers.
If you are getting a large sticker pack, we can discuss batch discounts personally based on the number.

Limited Palette (3-7 Colors)

Character bust: $35
Fullbody illustration: $60
Fullbody + background*: $120

Additional characters priced as follows:
Bust: $20/ea for first 2, $30/ea for any additional
Fullbody: $40/ea for first 2, $50/ea for any additional

*Basic free background props are included without additional background payment, IE a simple chair a character is sitting on, or a basic brick wall behind them, and other things. If you aren’t sure if what you have in mind is a free or paid background, feel free to reach out and discuss and I will confirm what tier it qualifies for!

Specialty: Premade Background

Fullbody + background: $70

Additional characters priced as follows:
$70/ea for all added characters.

For a full list of background options, refer to the Background Library. Characters can be drawn doing anything that falls within my TOS, they will be shaded to match the scene. No, it doesn’t cost more to get a background option that has more detailed shading, you just get the shading included.

*This is a premade background. In some cases, there may be limited options for customization–such as deciding colors on a mug or picking between a sunny and rainy sky, but no other customization of the background is included in the price of purchase.

Full Color: Flatcolor

Bust: $50
Fullbody illustration: $70
Background: $140

Additional characters priced as follows:
Bust: $30/ea for first 2, $40/ea for any additional
Fullbody: $60/ea for first 2, $65/ea for any additional

This tier includes any image with more than 6 colors present. All are priced the same. Character ref sheets are available, lettering and color picker bars will not cost extra, but each view will cost as an individual character.

*Same background rules apply as above.

Full Color: Painted Sketch

Fullbody + background: $80

Additional characters priced as follows:
$60/ea for all added characters.

Please note the quality of this category when pursuing a painted sketch commission; it allows you to have a full color image with a background, but it will have minimal cleanup done and some details may be imperfect. I will correct large errors, but will not be cleaning up lines and details, so keep that in mind if you want something very crisp and neat.

Specialty: Psychedelic Illustration

Fullbody + background: $100

Additional characters priced as follows:
$60/ea for first 2, $80/ea for any additional

*This is a specialized category, pricing cannot be applied to images with realistic backgrounds, nor can shading style be adjusted for this price. If you are interested in something with a psychedelic flair but some changes to the general style of the illustration, contact me and I can give you accurate pricing.

Full Color: Simple Cell Shading

Bust: $60
Fullbody illustration: $90
Background: $160

Additional characters priced as follows:
Bust: $40/ea for first 2, $50/ea for additional
Fullbody: $70/ea for first 2, $80/ea for any additional

*Same background rules, etc.

Wood Carving

1 1/2″ round pin: $50 + shipping
Interested in something else? Ask

Since this is such a new practice and tier for me, if you ask for a wood carving at this point, you’re accepting that it’s going to be a bit experimental! For the moment, all pieces beyond a basic pin are going to be on an as-discussed basis for price; this may change later if I determine there is a consistent time usage for certain projects.

Pins will all have a bar-pin style closure attached on the back for secure use. If you would prefer a 2-sided “coin” style carving instead of a pin, the 2nd side will be an additional $40, but I am happy to carve a double-sided piece! If it’s not a pin you’re interested in, let me know what you’re looking for and we can discuss the feasibility of any larger projects.

Oil Painting

Bust up to 8″ x 10″: $200 + shipping
Interested in something else? Ask

At the moment, oil painting commissions are a somewhat experimental tier, as I haven’t tried and tested the techniques for a while. I can render a bust in realistic style for furry or human artwork, and likely can do pet portraits or other similar things as well. If you aren’t looking for something that could be described as a typical bust shot, reach out and maybe we can work something else out. At the moment I am only painting on small panels due to shipping challenges at larger sizes.

The commission process for an oil painting will take longer than any other tier, as dry time is required after painting–depending on humidity and heat conditions in my home, this could require a few weeks of waiting prior to shipment, once you have approved the final painting to dry.