Custom Art

Merch and Premades


Buy prints of digital artwork. Want something that’s not listed? Contact me and I’ll list it!


In the market for an adoptable character? Here’s a listing of available adoptables!

Buy digital zines! There’s also a free one up there if you like cowboys.



The current best of the best I’ve got to display.

Shorthand Magic

A convenient archive to access comic pages; updates may be sporadic. Check Tapas for the most current pages.

Zine Works

A page documenting zines I’ve participated in, and my works therein.

About me

I’m a Chicago-based artist trying my hand at more mediums than I know rightly what to do with. I write, draw, bookbind, sculpt, make prints and embroidery and clothing… you get the gist.

Hopefully someday there will be plenty of examples of different works! Then we can put them together in a gladiator-style arena and determine which one is best.

You can call me Shroom, really, I’m used to answering to it!


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